Trudeau Just Announced Canada’s New Governor General — And She’s Amazing (VIDEO)

In a landmark announcement Thursday morning, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau identified his choice for Canada’s new Governor General to succeed David Johnson who has served in the role from 2010 to present, thanks to a nomination by then-Prime Minister, the disgraced Stephen Harper.

For those who are not aware what a Governor General’s purpose is — they are essentially the representative of Her Majesty the Queen and therefore has many ceremonial and signatory duties. It is also one of the highest paid positions on Parliament Hill, and is therefore highly sought after. The Queen will have to confirm Julie Payette, Justin Trudeau’s nominee before she officially succeeds Johnson.

The response to the announcement has been overwhelmingly positive, as demonstrated by Twitter and Facebook chatter late Wednesday evening, when the news was leaked — which is frankly not surprisingly. Payette’s list of accomplishments is absolutely mind-blowing.

Julie Payette is a former astronaut and trailblazer with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) as the second Canadian female astronaut and first Canadian to board the International Space Station. She is also a pilot, a mother, song-writer, classical pianist and singer who has performed with symphonies travelling as far as Switzerland. She graduated from both McGill University and the University of Toronto with majors in applied science and engineering. She was selected out of thousands of candidates to be one of four new recruits to the CSA back in 1992.  She holds 18 honorary doctorates, has been inducted into the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame, is an Officer of the Order of Canada and is a recipient of NASA’s Exceptional Service Medal. She serves on a board of directors associated with Queen’s University, the Montreal Science Centre to improve programming to assist children into STEM disciplines, as well as the National Bank of Canada. She further speaks 6 languages, including French and English at a native level.

Trudeau, along with various major news outlets broadcast videos of the announcement via Facebook Live.

CHECK it out below and see what she has to say about the position:

Feature Image via Twitter.

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