Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer Launches Into Attack Against Trudeau On House Floor

Many swoon over Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and find his ease and charm in responding to questions to be endearing, it seems not everyone who viewed Trudeau’s interview on Live with Kelly and Ryan was fond of it.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer was among those with didn’t enjoy the prime minister’s appearance in Niagara Falls, as after viewing the interview he went on to use it as political ammunition against Trudeau.

During a question period in the House of Commons, Scheer stood up to point out specific comments that Trudeau made during his interview with Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa, most of the comments specifically pertained to security and the fight against terrorism. Scheer stated:

“Yesterday the prime minister articulated his sophisticated thoughts on the threats of global terrorism. He told Americans that it was super important to invest in investigative national security stuff. He then described the impact of violent acts of terror, saying Canadians are able to respond to ‘bad things happening’ without ‘falling into a bad space.’ After abandoning our fight against ISIS and cutting our armed forces, can the prime minister tell Canadians what kind of stuff he’s investing in and how he plans to keep those positive vibes coming to keep us out of a bad space?”

The prime minister stood, repeating the same message that he had expressed during the aforementioned interview. Mainly this message was that Canadians expect that he strike a balance between security and defending the rights of Canadians. Trudeau did not let Scheer off easily, however, quickly throwing a burn right back at him.

“I’m glad the leader of the Opposition’s new duties haven’t kept him from his daytime TV watching.”

This evoked laughter from Liberal MPs, and caused leading House Speaker Geoff Regan to have to call for order.

Scheer definitely didn’t plan to let Trudeau get the last word, though. The Tory leader rose once again to tell Trudeau that the television interview was the only place he could see Trudeau, after a week of the prime minister being absent from question period. While Scheer won the Conservative leadership race back in May, this was the first exchange that he had ever had with the prime minister within the House.

Watch Scheer’s remarks in the video below, available via YouTube:

Featured Image is a screengrab via YouTube.

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