Justin Trudeau Makes Massive Blunder On ‘Live With Kelly And Ryan’ – This Is Crazy

Those who chose to run in an election to govern a country should probably know the country and its history inside and out.

After Justin Trudeau made a guest appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan, it would seem as though he isn’t as well versed in Canadian history, namely political history, as one would reasonably assume.

On Monday morning, upon meeting with TV hosts Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa in Niagara Falls, Trudeau was introduced to the audience as the son of a former Canadian prime minister. The interview started off fairly normal, with many questions from audience members about his photos on Instagram, as Canadians are quite enthralled with Trudeau’s fancy socks and shirtless vacation photos. However, the conversation took a slightly more serious shift when the topic of Trudeau’s role as both a politician and a father came up.

Ryan Seacrest asked the PM, “Do you secretly want one of your kids to become the next prime minister?” Trudeau’s responded by saying, “Definitely not. My father would have given the same answer.” A little later on in the interview, Ripa broached the subject again, asking Trudeau which of his three children he could foresee leading the country. He said:

“I will say I have one daughter, and there is something very special about imagining a woman prime minister. I think it’s long overdue, I just don’t think we have to wait that long. I think it should be sooner than that.”

This would have been an amazing response to the question, except for one little detail: Canada has already had a female prime minister.

Former Prime Minister Kim Campbell took charge of the country from June 25 to November 4, 1993. Although Campbell was not an elected prime minister, having taken over for former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney upon his retirement, she is still identified as Canada’s one and only woman prime minister.

Trudeau had gone onto Live with Kelly and Ryan to promote Canada, what with its 150th birthday fast approaching. The audience he spoke to was largely made up of American viewers, most of which aren’t exactly up to speed with Canadian politics or Canadian history. So with Trudeau saying that he thinks we are overdue for a women head of state, he’s disregarding the work that Campbell did do in her brief time in office, and giving other countries false information about our national history.

Trudeau has been vocal from the very start about his stance on gender equality, having long labeled himself as a feminist. Furthermore, he seemingly put his money where his mouth is with his gender-balanced cabinet; a huge step in the right direction toward having more women in large scale positions of power. Although all of the is great, forgetting the women who blazed the path by achieving significant leadership roles is a slap in the face to those fighting for equality.

So maybe a women as a prime minister isn’t something Canada needs to hope and dream for, but rather, something that our country needs to make happen again.

Featured Image is a screengrab via Twitter.

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