WATCH: Conservative MP Pops Off – Tells Justin Trudeau To Get Out Of Canada & Never Return (VIDEO)

Earlier this week, after Liberals released a discussion paper proposing several reforms for the House of Commons, Conservatives took to the House floor to personally attack Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Although he may be far from the ideal progressive leader Canadians need, it’s obvious to most proponents of the left that Justin Trudeau is far better than a Conservative leader (here’s looking at you, Harper).

So instead of pointing out ways to improve the suggestions presented in the Liberal’s discussion paper, one Conservative MP took to the House floor to lambast Trudeau — because, you know, that’s totally productive.

Candice Bergen, Member of Parliament for Portage-Lisgar and Official Leader of the Opposition took to the House floor where she likened Trudeau to a Chinese dictator, before unleashing her rage:

“Well you know what? Canada is not China. Canada is not a dictatorship. Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister is not the supreme emperor, so maybe he could do Canadians a favour: don’t take another vacation and don’t come back until he’s ready to stop acting like those dictators he so admires.”

Woah, Candice, tell us how you really feel, eh?!

As Bergen sat back down in her seat with a smug smile plastered across her face, Conservative MPs erupted into loud cheers and applause, making the House of Commons look more like a concert venue or circus performance than a place of federal governing.

The document released by the Liberals proposed removing Friday House sittings and designating one day of the week for a question period, according to The Huffington Post Canada.

Bergen also accused the Liberals, and more specifically, Government House Leader Barish Chagger, of trying to “ram” the proposed changes through Parliament.

Chagger responded to Bergen’s accusation by saying she was proud to be a “strong woman that’s been empowered by the government,” before going on to add:

“This House needs modernization, this House needs this conversation, this House needs a solid, substantial discussion, and that’s exactly what I’m encourage all of us to do.”

Watch Bergen in the clip below, via Twitter:

Feature Image is a screengrab via Twitter.

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