‘It’ll Be Yuge!’ Fake Trump Tweet Website Started By Canadians Has Gone Viral – Now They’re Giving Away Prizes

If one thing is certain, Canadians definitely have a killer sense of humour.

And who could blame us? With the tense political climate to the south, we’ve got to be able to laugh now and again if we have any hope whatsoever of staying sane.

And a laugh is just what this group of Canadians aimed to evoke when they created Fake Trump Tweet — a parody site poking fun at President Trump.


We all know how much Trump loves to tweet; he seems to do it more than most other things like, uh, you know — running the country. Fake Trump Tweets allows you to create a tweet from President Trump, but with your own unique message instead.

Yes! That’s right! Finally, you decide what Donald Trump says — at least for your own personal amusement.

Here’s an example of one I tried:

Although the website founders wish to remain anonymous, they did speak to the Daily Hive for an interview. According to the founders, the site was started as a joke rather than in protest of America’s new commander-in-chief.

“We started the site to have some laughs… There is no political agenda. This was always strictly about the entertainment value.”

Touching on how they came up with the idea to make the site, they explained:

“We’re a small group of Canadians who’ve watched the campaign and election of Donald Trump from the sidelines in awe.”

But the site has grown so fast so quickly, that Fake Trump Tweet has decided to give away prizes to celebrate their epic success. Now users can enter a contest to win either a $100 or $50 Amazon gift card, as well as official Fake Trump Tweet swag such as hoodies and t-shirts. Since Trump’s election victory on November 8 until early March, the site managed to attract 1 million page views.

If you’d like to make your own tweets, click here. And if you’d like to enter their contest, visit this link.

Feature Image via Fake Trump Tweet.

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