WATCH: Canada ‘Breaks Up’ With U.S. In Hilarious New Video – ‘It’s Not Us, It’s You’

“It’s not us, it’s you.”

Canada, finally having had enough of the United States and their antics, has decided to put a halt to the relationship. Although this isn’t an official breakup, but the hilarious YouTube video featuring Comedian Simon King does an excellent job of duplicating the feelings shared by many Canadians in the light of U.S. President Donald Trump’s rise to power.

King starts off reminiscing about the good times Canada and the U.S have shared:

“We’ve had some great times over the years you know. We’ve made each other laugh and dance and sing with our music and comedy.” 

Although King points out many faults in with our neighbour to the south, he has no qualms owning up to Canada’s own faults — namely being the birth place of Justin Bieber, claiming  “everyone makes mistakes.”

“We kicked a*s in World War 1; we fought Nazis… we fought them. Now look at what you’ve become.” King states, pointing out the very apparent regression in the United States’ perspective on equality and tolerance.

He also calls the United States out for their rampant xenophobia under President Trump, and his despicable attempt at banning travel, immigration and refugees from seven Muslim majority countries in a recent executive order:

“You’ve been hanging out with the wrong crowd and lately.. Maybe we should take a break, so I could see some other countries; countries that are maybe nicer to other countries.”

What would a proper break up be without the empty promise of friendship in the near future? “I think we could be friends again, soon” King says, but in this case perhaps it’s more meaningful than when it’s said in a real breakup. The United States and Canada have a dynamic relationship that has mutually benefited our two nations for many years.

But, we haven’t forgotten that we had to turn our backs on you before. I mean, before Canada was even a country we contributed soldiers and took in 40,000 refugees during your Civil War. We also helped you catch the guy who assassinated President Lincoln.

With the growing concerns over a Trump colluding with Russia, his deteriorating mental state, and his pitiful approval ratings, its fairly reasonable to assume we may be free of him sooner rather than later, and King agrees:

“I’m sure this is just a phase. I know it is, it’s gotta be, right?”

And just like that our tumultuous love affair with our neighbouring country is over. All we can do now is hope the U.S isn’t a crazy ex.

Watch the dramatic breakup video below:

What do you think? Is Canada right to “break up” with the States given the current political climate? Tell us in the comments!

Feature Image via YouTube.

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