A Far-Right Attempt To Bash Progressives Just Majorly Backfired – The Outcome Is Hilarious

The far-right has taken to attempting to bash liberals on Twitter yet again, surprise surprise.

Twitter user @polnewsnetwork1 tweeted out a photo captioned:

“This is the future liberals want.”

The photo in question was originally posted on @subwaycreatures as a way to celebrate and display diversity in New York City, however was co-opted by the right to attack a woman wearing a garb and someone dressed in drag. Luckily, however, Twitter responded in kind, taking no time to point out the absurdity of the tweet.

Many progressives on Twitter agreed with the post, in the sense that it is in fact the future they envision: where people are able to express themselves freely, and without fear. Naturally it didn’t take long for memes to surface, mocking the entire premise of the original tweet.

The drag queen pictured in the original post, Gilda Wabbit, even weighed in on the viral photo, telling BuzzFeed News that she couldn’t care less about @polnewsnetwork1 tweeting her photo.

In a statement to BuzzFeed, Wabbit said:

“I won’t speak for all liberals, but my goal is for everyone – white, brown, drag queen, soccer mom, cisgender, trans, heterosexual, queer, working class, middle class – to be able to exist as they chose without judgment or fear.”

It is unknown the identity of the passenger seated beside her, but Gilda  is hoping that through the power of social media she will be able to find out.

“I hope one day that a picture of a woman in modest garb sitting next to a colourful drag queen isn’t out of the ordinary – that it is everyday life.”

Amen to that, Gilda! Let us hope that despite all the negativity in the world right now that we are able to rise above it and make 2017 a year of acceptance.

Feature Image via Twitter.

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