A Photo Comparing Trump & Trudeau’s Butts Went Viral – The Internet’s Response Is Perfect (TWEETS)

It seems as though Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the most swoon-worthy prime minister in Canadian history. From his gorgeous locks to his charming personality, Trudeau seems to have men and women alike under his spell.

Recently, a photo of the 45-year-old in a pair of curve hugging pants surfaced online, immediately sending the Twitterverse into a frenzy.

Image via Twitter.

The initial photo was juxtaposed with one of American President Donald Trump’s buttocks, comparing both leaders’ bottoms in what soon became a battle for “Best Political Ass.” Hundreds of Twitter users contributed to the discussion, making it ever apparent early on that it wasn’t much of competition to begin with.

Despite the 25-year age gap, Twitter determined Trudeau’s ass takes the cake, if Trump were even any competition to begin with.

“PM Justin Trudeau vs. US Pres. Donald Trump: Who has the better butt?”

While Trudeau looks like he does squats religiously, Trump’s butt looks like those half deflated balloons you forgot to throw away after your 5-year-old’s birthday party.

America gets a leader that looks like someone’s fingers after too many Doritos, while Canada gets a prime minister with a beautiful smile and an even more beautiful butt.

In many ways, their butts are representative of their policy and breadth of their perspectives. Trudeau is firm and well rounded, while Donald Trump’s falls totally flat.

Check out some of the hilarious tweets below:

“Ooooh, Canada! Like his country, Justin Trudeau’s a*s is a thing of great natural beauty.”

“God bless the [sic] photographer who selflessly and at great personal risk, took this shot of Justin Trudeau’s fine ass.”

“I’m sure that Justin Trudeau a*s, taste[s] like maple syrup”

Some users on social media exploited the opportunity to make comments about Trudeau’s policies, and current Conservative Party leadership candidates:

“Justin Trudeau is so f*cking hot if only that hot piece of a*s makes marijuana legal in Canada… that be f*cking amazing”

“Kevin O’Leary better do squats to compete with Justin Trudeau’s “dat a*s tho” platform”

Others, still, decided to use the opportunity not to articulate any specific issue with Justin Trudeau’s behind, but rather a seemingly incoherent distaste for the Prime Minister:

Yeah f*ck you Justin Trudeau and I will f*ck ur sl*ty [sic] a*s wh*re a*s c*nt pulled so far apart a*s c*nt I hate that Canadian sl*tbag.”

Ooook then @snotski44, tell us how you really feel, eh?

All in all though, if our southern neighbours needed yet another reason to flee to Canada, look no further!

This is a guest contribution from Laura Mack. Laura lives in Ontario and enjoy scoping the Twitter-verse for the latest and greatest political gossip.

Feature Image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, available under a Creative Commons license 2.0.

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