Buildings Evacuated Following Multiple Bomb Threats Against Muslims On Major University Campus (LIVE)

On Wednesday, a letter was sent to news outlets threatening to set off bombs targeting Muslim students at Concordia University in Montreal.

Montreal police are investigating after the letter from a group called “Council of Conservative Citizens of Canada” said that two bombs will be set off at two separate buildings on campus this week.

The letter writes:

“Now that President Trump is in office south of the border, things have changed.”

According to the letter, posted to Twitter, the bombs aren’t “meant to kill anybody. The aim is to injure some [Muslim] students.”

Awesome. Yet another reason to thank Donald Trump: for fuelling alt-right extremists.

According to the Montreal Gazette, one building is hosting an Islamic Awareness Week Monday through Friday.

Classes have been cancelled in both buildings, with the university ordering an evacuation as of 11:30 a.m. Wednesday.

“Evacuate EV and Hall Buildings on SGW campus, immediately. Classes cancelled; may resume at 6 p.m. Avoid buildings. More”

Benoit Boisselle, a Montreal police spokesperson, said police are investigating and hope to know more soon.

“We don’t know yet whether the threat is founded.”

This story is breaking and is still developing. Updates to follow.

Feature Image via the Montreal Gazette.

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