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Twitter Has A Hayday Mocking Kellie Leitch’s Latest Satanic Campaign Video – Prepare To Die Laughing (VIDEO)

Conservative Party leadership candidate Kellie Leith released a campaign video called Screening for Canadian Values on the weekend. The video features  Leitch, who seems like she borrowed Donald Trump’s playbook, sounding like a cross between him, satan, and a drug addict who overdosed on something no one should ever sniff/inject — no matter who’s holding a gun to their head.

Freakin’ strange times, folks.

But no really. It’s completely unbearable to watch. In fact, if you haven’t already, you really should watch the, uh, bizarre video. Honestly, everyone needs to watch it so we can all unanimously agree that this woman should never occupy a leadership position in our country.

Anyway, you see, once the video had a couple of days to circulate online, people started taking to Twitter to mock Leitch, and for good reason. Cause she’s absolutely bonkers!

It was released on Saturday, and by Monday evening, #KellieLeitch was a trending topic on Twitter — just probably not for the reasons she’d hoped.

Without further adieu, here are best and most hilarious tweets we could find mocking Leitch. Enjoy!

“Play the #kellieleitch video backwards, you hear satanic messages. Even worse, if you play it forward, you’ll hear Kellie Leitch. #cdnpoli”

“You know what thought we all laughed at Donald Trump and look how that ruined out #KellieLeitch #cdnpoli”

‘There you have it. Twitter is unanimous. What a disaster. #KellieLeitch”

“Btw does Kellie Leitch always deliver speeches like she’s receiving the transmissions in batches from a glitchy orbiting satellite?”

“Meanwhile, he doesn’t notice his wife’s growing collection of Nazi memorabilia in the walk-in closet. #cdnpoli #TheRebel #KellieLeitch”

“Never heard #kellieleitch speak, then I saw the video – like watching your awkward aunt talking about the internet with spinach in her teeth.”

“Just not sure which was more bizarre. Kellyanne Conway on her knees in the Oval Office or Kellie Leith’s video. #KellyAnne #KellyLeitch.”

And some people were just too perplexed to say anything other than the cold, hard truth:

“Wow…Kellie Leitch Canadian values video is so awkward and downright weird. #cdnpoli #KellieLeitch”

“Wow that Kellie Leitch video. Perhaps she needs to be screened for drugs … WTF #KellieLeitch #cdnpoli”

“Me, after watching the new #KellieLeitch video”

“I’d put #cpcldr #KellieLeitch in my #BasketOfDeplorables. #cdnpoli”

And last but certainly not least, our personal favourite: a cut of her million and one awkward pauses, all put together:

Honestly, this woman needs to invest in a PR coach or something. This is just horrendous. In case you missed the video, watch it below, via YouTube:

#KellieScreech, anyone?

Feature Image via YouTube.

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