Trudeau Confronted By Canadians Drowning In Rising Hydro Costs: ‘I Am Living In Energy Poverty’ (VIDEO)

Hydro prices across the country have recently skyrocketed, leaving many many unable to keep a roof over their families’ heads.

Meanwhile, our Prime Minister accepts lavish gifts from fellow world leaders in the form of island vacations, and sees no problem jetting off across the world on a whim while Canadians continue to suffer.

As part of his cross-country tour, Prime Minister Trudeau stopped in Peterborough, Ontario on Friday for a town hall forum. What he was met with, however, was a heartbreaking recount of one woman’s struggle to stay afloat amidst ever-increasing energy costs.

Kathy Katula of Buckhorn, Ontario stood up from the crowd and fought through tears to tell Trudeau that she, living in a single person home, recently had to pay a hydro bill of $1085.

An emotional Katula pleaded with Trudeau to fix the hydro crisis, saying:

“My heat and hydro cost me more than my mortgage. I now not only work 75 hours a week, I stay and work 15 hours a day so I don’t lose my home.”

Although the provinces are responsible for managing hydro prices, Trudeau’s government has placed a tax on carbon pollution to “fight climate change.”

Trudeau told Katula and the rest of the town hall crowd:

“Hydro bills are provincial, but as you point out the federal government’s decision to put a price on carbon is something we have moved forward with and it’s one that is causing consternation amongst a broad range of people.”

Trudeau announced that he will allow provinces to decide on carbon pricing, of which B.C., Alberta, Quebec and Ontario have already begun planning.

Trudeau defended the rising costs of energy prices by telling the crowd that “we need to get off fossil fuels. We need to make this transition. We need to start protecting our lakes, waters, rivers, streams, our lands, our children’s future. And that means we are going to have to go through a shift period.”

This, coming from the man who uses a private jet at his leisure.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has faced substantial outrage from Ontarians who are distraught over the absurd increases in hydro prices. In fact, Wynne’s government removed the 8 percent provincial HST tax on all Ontario hydro bills, effective January 1, 2017. This cut, however, is only expected to save the average household around $130 a year, forcing many Canadians, such as Katula, to urge the government for bigger changes.

Watch the clip below, via YouTube:

Feature Image is a screengrab via YouTube.

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2 thoughts on “Trudeau Confronted By Canadians Drowning In Rising Hydro Costs: ‘I Am Living In Energy Poverty’ (VIDEO)

  1. I am a Canadian and very proud of that fact. I have worked with various political parties and election campaigns since 1970. During this time frame I have seen the best and the worst of Canadian politics and politicians but there is a fact that most people refuse to see or understand; most politicians, even those with the best intentions, once elected find their hands tied by special interest groups and those with the big bucks to the point where the politicians simply have to succeed to their whims. It disillusions many but there are those who do keep trying to keep letter perfect to the campaign speeches they have made to get into office. Unfortunately they usually only last one term because the groups that they say are the problem are the people who ensure they do not get back into office by smear campaigns or other tactics. To assume that any politician is going to be letter perfect to their campaign speeches is to say the least, immature. Absolutely there are and always will be politicians that need to be exposed for the wrongs they commit (looking at the US is a very easy place to look at all types of wrongs) but they all should not be tarred with the same brush. An overwhelming amount of Canadians would appear to believe that Justin Trudeau would be the saviour of Canada probably because his father has become the symbol of Canada’s individual and unique status worldwide. Yes the man was a hero and champion for Canada but his son should be given his own path, after all Pierre was in office a hell of a lot longer than Justin has been but at least he hasn’t gone into the position totally blind thanks to his father. People have much higher expectations of Justin Trudeau than they have ever had of any Prime Minister that has been given the job to do and this is mostly due to the shadow of his father

    Is there any form of government that you would agree with? I have finished reading seven of your articles and you had nothing positive or even slightly encouraging to say about anyone. I was taught that for a better impact there should always be some positive highlights or it will sound like sour grapes and no one will bother paying attention to your thoughts. Well sir, I do not think that your comments are valid due to the negativity you spew, but I do like the presentation and the graphic layout of your page. Sorry, that is all I can say that is positive and that, for me, was a bit of a stretch.

    1. Thank you for your comment — we will keep that in mind and add some positive content in the future! Your comments are very much appreciated and we do hope you’ll continue reading.

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